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When it comes to vaping cannabis, achieving the perfect experience is all about the details. One often overlooked but crucial aspect is the preparation of the herb itself. This is where a grinder comes into play. In this article, we’ll delve into why using a grinder is not just advantageous, but a necessity for getting the most out of your vaping experience.

A Grinder Increases Efficiency

The primary role of a grinder is to break down your cannabis buds into smaller, more manageable pieces. Breaking down your herb into smaller pieces has always been essential, regardless of your consumption method. No matter what your preference is, having your cannabis broken up is usually advantageous.

People have many different ways of achieving this, some people use their fingers, other people use small scissors or herb scissors. These ways are fine for other methods of consumption, but for vaping, it just doesn’t get the buds small enough.

For many consumption methods, a loosely broken-up bud can be sufficient (although most of the time it’s a case of “the smaller, the better”. Vaping is different, it’s always the case that smaller is better. The simple action of grinding can significantly enhance your vaping session in several ways. 

Finely Ground Herb Increases Surface Area

By grinding your cannabis, you increase the herb’s surface area

This is crucial because:

  1. You Get Better Heat Distribution: A larger surface area allows for more even heat distribution. To get the most out of your herb, good heat distribution is essential. A good heat distribution means that more of the herb is in contact with the heat, ensuring that you extract as much of the active compounds as possible.
  2. Efficient Use of Material: When your cannabis is finely ground, you can use less material to achieve the same effect. That’s because when your herb is chunky, you’ll get spent material as well as untouched material. Material that could have been used if it was heated properly. Grinding your herb  is not only cost-effective but also ensures that none of your precious herb goes to waste.

A Grinder Leads to Consistent Vapour

When your herb is evenly ground, it heats more uniformly, allowing for a steady flow of vapour. This means you’re less likely to experience harsh hits or uneven flavour. Instead, each draw is smooth and satisfying, delivering the full spectrum of flavours and effects that your herb has to offer.

A  consistent grind also helps to prevent clogs in your vaporiser. Larger, uneven pieces can obstruct airflow, making it harder to draw and potentially causing your device to work less efficiently. By ensuring that your herb is finely and evenly ground, you maintain optimal airflow and prevent any unwanted interruptions during your session.

Not only is your material consumption optimised, but your vaporiser longevity too. The consistency achieved through grinding contributes to the longevity of your vaporiser. Evenly ground herb reduces the likelihood of hot spots or uneven wear and tear on your device’s heating elements. This not only helps maintain the efficiency of your vaporiser but also extends its lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

A Grinder Will Speed Up Your Prep

One of the undeniable conveniences of using a grinder is the speed it brings to your preparation process. It’s about making your sessions more about enjoyment and less about laborious prep work. 

If you’ve ever tried to achieve the same level of consistency using just your fingers or a pair of scissors, you’ll know it’s a time-consuming task. Sure, with enough patience and meticulousness, you might get close to an acceptable size for vaping, but it’s a far cry from the precision a grinder offers.

Let’s face it, when you’re using scissors or your fingers, there’s a limit to how fine you can get your herb. And even if you do manage to get it somewhat uniform, it’s a messy method. Sticky fingers and lost trichomes (more on trichomes later) are just part of the deal. 

On the other hand, a grinder effortlessly achieves that perfect consistency, ensuring that your herb is just the right size for optimal vaporisation.

Enhancement, Not Just Efficiency

A grinder is not just a tool for efficiency; it’s a tool for enhancement. The time you save by using a grinder translates to more time enjoying your session. It’s about streamlining your process, so you can get right to your session rather than labour over the preparation. 

Plus, a grinder collects all the valuable Kief that would otherwise be wasted, giving you the option to sprinkle it on top for an extra potent session.

Types of Grinders and Their Benefits

When it comes to deciding on what grinder is best for you, it’ll come down to your balance of preferences. However a good quality metal grinder will be the best option for most. Cheaper grinders aren’t going to do as good a job and they’ll get all gunked up over time.

There are several types of grinders available, each with its own set of advantages:

  • Metal Grinders: Durable and long-lasting, metal grinders often come with multiple chambers, including one for kief collection. A 4 piece metal grinder is a fantastic option and it’s the one we’ve decided to offer at chill kiwi.
  • Plastic Grinders: These are lightweight and affordable options, suitable for occasional use or for those on a budget. High quality plastic grinders exist but we’d recommend avoiding cheap plastic grinders.
  • Electric Grinders: For those seeking convenience, electric grinders do the work for you, grinding your herb with the push of a button.

A metal grinder is typically of higher quality but within the category there are many different options. 2 piece, 3 piece and 4 piece are the most common. Some use special coatings on the inside to prevent the grinding teeth from getting sticky.

Electric grinders are made to different levels of quality and research is required to help you decide on which of these might be best for you. You’ll want to make sure they do a good job at breaking down your herb effectively.

Additional Advantages of Using a Grinder

Beyond the efficiency and consistency benefits, grinders offer several other advantages:

  1. Hygiene: Grinders keep your fingers clean, preventing sticky cannabis residue from clinging to your skin. It’s important to remember that you’re about to vaporise and inhale your cannabis. You want to make sure that your material is clean. If you are going to use your fingers, make sure they too are clean.
  2. Kief Collection: Many grinders come with a kief catcher, allowing you to collect the potent trichomes that fall off the buds during grinding. These precious crystals would end up all over your fingers, wasted, if not for a grinder.
  3. Flavour Preservation: By grinding your herb, you expose more of its surface area. We’ve already covered surface area as it relates to efficiency. But it’s also important for preserving flavour. This is because a lot of the compounds that are responsible for your herbs flavour profile need to be released. This only happens if they’re vaporised, so ensuring your herb is completely exposed to the heat is crucial. 

A Quick Note on Trichomes and Kief

We’ve mentioned Trichomes and Kief in this article and we’d like to expound a little on this. First of all, they’re essentially the same thing just in different states. They’re called Trichomes when they’re still on the buds and Kief when they are collected after falling from the buds.

Trichomes are the tiny, resinous glands found on the surface of cannabis buds. They resemble a frosty coating and are responsible for producing the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. These compounds are what give cannabis its psychoactive and therapeutic effects. 

Trichomes are designed to protect the plant from external threats and to attract pollinators. When these trichomes are separated from the plant and collected, they form what is known as kief. Kief is essentially a concentrated form of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in trichomes.

So by sprinkling the kief collected in the bottom of your grinder, onto your ground-up herb and then vaping it, you give yourself an extra potent session. More flavourful, more powerful, with no extra cost.


Incorporating a grinder into your cannabis vaping routine is a small change that can have a big impact. Not only does it increase efficiency and consistency, but it also enhances the overall quality of your vaping experience. The key to efficient vaping is a large surface area for the heat to make contact with. A grinder is the only way to get the consistency you need with hardly any hassle.

We think everyone should have a grinder to go with their favourite vaporiser, and to minimise the confusion around selecting which one, we’ve chosen our favourite style and offer it to you on our website. It’s a fantastic little 4 piece metal grinder that’ll see you through many sessions to come. Built to a high standard with a satisfying magnetic lid, and a Kief catcher to power up your sessions. Check it out here!