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Unlock your extraordinary with chill kiwi

We are a wellness company dedicated to providing the great folk of New Zealand the means to safely reach their own individual definitions of wellness and fulfilment.

Whether you’re looking to find your muse, unlock inner peace, or just unwind after a long day, we’re here to help with our extensive range of tried and tested vaporizing products. We only stock the highest quality goods and devices that leverage the very latest in  advancements in the “higher” sciences.

Here at Chill Kiwi, we’re always building upon past lessons and moving forward. That’s why we focus heavily on the wellbeing and personal growth of our team, our customers and our wider community. We work hard to encourage an environment where everyone feels comfortable to learn, adapt, communicate and work creatively towards a brighter future.

Discreet Packaging
Great Brands
Excellent Customer Service
From plant to pen

Become a budding success

Chill Kiwi has everything you need to produce, process and consume your very own stash of cannabis.

Get Growing

Nothing but the best

We only stock the very finest in dry herb vaporizers and smoking products on the market. Working with the brands and products we know and trust helps us ensure our customers always find a high quality solution to suit their lifestyle.

Discreet packaging

Your privacy is our top priority. that’s why we use plain and benign looking packaging & billing information. This ensures no one who sees it will learn anything new about you.

Super fast overnight delivery – NZ wide

We know the struggle is real. Order with Chill Kiwi from anywhere in NZ, and we’ll get your package delivered to you with overnight shipping, free of charge!