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xmax vaporizers

Specialising in high-quality, affordable vaporizers for dry herb and concentrate use, Xmax designs their products with a focus on innovation, convenience, and value.

Renowned for their high-quality, portable vaporizers that provide the ultimate vaping experience, combining functionality, style, and convenience.

A premium designer/manufacturer of high-quality pipes for the smoking and vaping connoisseurs. Their products combine functionality, durability, and style.

Chill Kiwi Glass is one of NZ’s leading purveyors of high-quality, affordable smoking and dabbing products. with a keen focus on innovation, durability, and value.

chill kiwi glass
DynaVap vaporizers

An innovative brand on the cutting-edge of the industry that produces a wide range of high-quality vaporizers for dry herb and herbal use.

Enjoy your day the way you want.

With Chill Kiwi’s cutting edge vape technology, you can puff away ’til heart’s content,
without arrousing the suspicions of any nosey neighbours.
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