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You probably haven’t thought very much about how you use your dry herb. Most people just get it, pack their bowl, and vape it. But efficiency plays a key role in the enjoyability of your sessions.

Using your dry herb efficiently might not be a problem you knew you had, but many people are wasting their herb without even realising it.

Why Bother with Efficiency

Getting the most out of your dry herb is important if you’re a regular user. It’ll save you money, make your sessions more enjoyable and more plentiful. It’s also really easy, there are just a few simple things to make sure you’re doing right. We’ll also give you a few tips to give you just that bit more efficiency.

Remember, getting the most out of your dry herb isn’t just about efficiency, it’s also about making your sessions as enjoyable as possible. The following tips and tricks will help you to achieve both of these outcomes.

How to Become Efficient

There are three main considerations for becoming an efficient user of your dry herb.

  1. The herb itself
  2. The method of consumption
  3. The equipment used for consumption.

Starting with the herb itself, you need to make sure it’s been grown and stored properly. Assuming that you have some fairly good quality stuff, keeping it fresh is key to getting the most out of your sessions.

Smoking your herb is an example of an inefficient method of consumption. It’s by far the most traditional method, it’s all we had before technology advanced. But nowadays it’s crazy to think how much good stuff is being wasted by lighting it on fire. Vaping and dabbing are quickly becoming the method of choice for any serious consumer.

Using and caring for the right equipment also plays a large part in the efficiency of your dry herb usage. A good quality vape for example, can make a huge difference in how well the chemicals are extracted from your material.

1. Grind Your Herb

Starting with the herb itself, it’s so important to make sure that your herb is the proper consistency. Your vape is going to be heating your herb in one of two ways, either convection or conduction (check this post out for more information on heating methods). Whichever method your vape uses, you need to give it the most surface area possible to ensure even heating.

If your herb is evenly heated, then you are going to be extracting all available compounds from your herb. You’ll use up less of your herb, and you’ll get a much better high or medicinal effects as a result.

Sticky Fingers?

Picking apart your herb with your fingers leaves the herb in chunks, and even if you’re incredibly meticulous, you’re leaving a lot of the compounds and cannabinoids all over your fingers.

Using a grinder is essential for vaping herb, it ensures the herb is in its smallest possible form and gives you a way to capture that “crystal” or “dust” that comes off your herb. Scooping the crystal out with a small tool and adding it to your bowl will give you an even more powerful hit.

2. Have the Right Vape for the Job

If you want maximum efficiency then investing in a decent vape can get you a long way there. Vapes that use convection as their heating method are ideal for efficiency as they heat through the herb rather than around it. Other considerations for buying a dry herb vape are things like size and budget.

Large vapes aren’t very conspicuous and they can cost more, smaller vapes are cheaper (usually) but they have less space for components and so can be less powerful.

If you’re a regular consumer then it’s advisable to invest in a good vape. A little more money up front will save you money in the long run by delivering better experiences with less material. We have a wide range of vapes for all budgets and experience levels which you can check out here.

3. Make Sure Your Vape is Clean

This one is often overlooked but having a clean vape can really help to increase efficiency and taste. If the bowl is dirty then your herb is going to have less contact with the heat source.

If your vape isn’t properly cleaned and maintained, then it may build up obstructions in the airway. Anything that can decrease your vapes ability to heat your herb is going to lead to a decrease in efficiency.

4. Use the Right Settings

This tip falls more into that enjoyment category but it will also provide more efficiency. Having the right temperature settings is really important if you have a particular effect that you’re aiming for.

We’ve written a full breakdown of vaping temperatures and the effects you can achieve at different temps. If you want a particular effect then you need to release the right combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, and they all have different boiling points at which they release their vapour.

If you’re seeking a specific high or medicinal effect, and you’re using the wrong temperature settings, you could be going through a lot more herb to get your result. It might be the case that you only need to heat your herb at a lower temperature to get there faster.

Basic Temperature Guide for Efficient Vaping

Here’s a brief guideline for temperature but definitely check out this post for more information on this fascinating subject.

175°C – Most flavourful, least psychoactive.

180°C – Clear/energetic high. Mostly activates CBD

185°C – A more mentally stimulating high, releases more of the THC.

200°C – A larger mix of compounds is released, leading to a more lazy or “body stoned” high.

220°C – Is where you start tapping into the CBC, one of the main medicinal compounds in cannabis.

Use this guideline to ensure you’re getting the most out of your herb, but experiment and try out a few different temperatures with these expectations in mind.

5. Pack Your Bowl Properly

One mistake that’s often made is trying to pack as much herb into the bowl as possible. This may seem logical. More herb, more high. But it actually ruins your vapes’ ability to heat efficiently. Packing too loosely is also inefficient as it heats your herb too quickly and leads it to become spent before it has a chance to release all of its goodness.

Less is More

Ideally you want it to be full, but not tight. Try slowly filling your bowl with properly ground herb until it’s only just over the lip of the bowl, then just press down lightly to make sure you’re packed but not overpacked.

This will allow the herb to be properly heated from the outside in, if your vape is a conduction vape. If your vape is convection, even better, the hot air will flow through the herb the perfect amount to extract all of the available cannabinoids and terpenes.

6. Use Proper Inhaling Technique

This is a big one, and if you’re moving over to vaping from smoking herb, then you might be doing this without realising. Unlike smoking, where quick and sharp inhalations are common, vaping benefits from slow and steady draws.

Slow Down to Speed Up Efficiency

Slower draws increase the time your herb is in contact with the hot air, allowing for more efficient heat transfer and extraction. It also helps to prevent overheating or combustion, that means you keep the flavour and integrity of the herb.

The more time you give the vapour to remain in your lungs, the larger surface area it will have to be absorbed into your bloodstream. Take your time, draw gently and deeply. You’ll enjoy smoother hits, better taste and an overall more enjoyable session.

7. Store Your Herb Properly

Proper storage of your dry herb is crucial to preserving its potency, flavour, and overall quality. As your material ages, its compounds, particularly cannabinoids and terpenes can break down.

This is due to exposure to light, air, temperature fluctuations, and poor humidity. This breaking down process can lead to a loss of potency and a less enjoyable experience.

Keep Exposure to a Minimum

UV light especially, can lead to the degradation of cannabinoids. Over time it converts THC into CBN (cannabinol) which is less psychoactive and produces different effects. Terpenes (compounds mainly responsible for your herbs flavour) are also broken down by UV light leading to a less potent flavour.

Oxidation from exposure to, well, oxygen, also diminishes the potency and effectiveness of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Having your herb exposed to temperatures that are too high or too cold both lead the herb to become less potent, less efficient and less enjoyable. Too high and your herb can dry out, making your hits harsher. High heat also makes your herb breakdown its compounds faster.

Too cold on the other hand, will make your herb brittle and less potent.

One last thing to consider is humidity. An environment that is too humid (over 65% relative humidity) can promote mould. Too little humidity on the other hand (less than 50%) can dry out your herb, this gives you a harsher experience and less flavour.

Correct Storage Tips for Greater Efficiency

Here are some storage tips to ensure your herb stays in optimal condition:

  1. Use a dedicated storage container
    There are many brands who have brought out dedicated storage containers or “stash boxes”. Our favourite is the Stashlogix, they have multiple compartments for your herb, vapes, and accessories keeping everything in one place for at home or on the go.
    If you don’t want to splash out on a stash bag, an airtight container (Sistema or other) or mason jar will do the trick, however these still let in light, which leads us to…
  2. Keep your container in cool dark place
    The classic undies drawer is a good option, otherwise just any place out of direct sunlight will do.
  3. Humidity control
    If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could put a Boveda pack. These little packets keep the contents of any container at a specific humidity. The ideal humidity for herbs is between 59% and 63%. You can buy Boveda packs at different humidities.
  4. Avoid plastic bags
    Plastic can cause static charge, which can attract trichomes, and it’s not as effective at preventing air and light exposure.


Getting the most of your herb isn’t just about using less or indulging less often; it’s about enhancing your overall experience. The guidance we’ve shared isn’t rocket science; it just takes embracing a few mindful habits that elevate your sessions to the best they can be.

Whether you’re well-versed in the art of vaping or just getting started, a little attention to your herb’s quality, your vape’s settings, and how you consume can dramatically transform your experience.

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