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Accessories That Improve Your Vaping Experience

Dry Herb Vaporiser Accessories

In the world of dry herb vaping, the experience is everything. Enthusiasts know (and newbies quickly learn) it’s not just about what you vape, but how you vape it. The right accessories can transform each session into a little ritual to look forward to. Not only that, but mixing things up with different accessories keeps things fresh and exciting. 

In this article, we’re delving into four game-changing accessories for your herb vaporiser: 

  • Grinders
  • Dosing Capsules
  • Water pipe adapters
  • Water bubblers

Each one promises to step your vaping journey up a notch, whether you’re at home or on the go. 

Kicking it off is an absolute essential for your dry herb vape; the grinder.


Aluminium herb grinder

Why a Grinder is The Essential Accessory for Dry Herb Vaping

If you aren’t using a grinder, you are not getting the most out of your dry herb vaporiser. Simple as that. 

Your vape is designed to heat your material using either convection or conduction as its heating method. Both methods are going to heat the material more evenly if the material is in the most granular form possible. The smaller your material is ground up, the more surface area your element has to heat, therefore leading to more efficient use of your herb.

You want even heating, because that is what’s going to maximise the extraction of your material. More efficiency = less wasted material.

The very best way to get your herb as small and as broken up as possible, is not with your fingers! It’s with a grinder. Aside from the clear benefits of the vaping experience, sticky fingers are no fun.

It’s pretty well settled, if you’re using a vape then you need a grinder.

When you go to search for herb grinders however, you see there are a bunch of different types. From the simple 2 piece up to a 5 piece, from a basic twist type to a crank handle. There are even vibrating grinders now!

Chill kiwi have chosen to simplify and offer up our favourite configuration: the 4 piece grinder. 

A standout feature of a 4 piece, is the kief catcher, which collects potent crystals, maximising the plant’s potential and offering a more intense experience.

Chill Kiwi’s Mars 4 Piece Grinder is made from high quality anodized aluminium, ensuring longevity, making it a smart, long-term investment. Moreover, the multi-chamber design of a 4 piece grinder not only enables better control over the grind’s consistency, suiting various vaporizer requirements, but also simplifies cleaning, win-win! 

Dosing Capsules

For the Medicinal or Meticulous Vaper

For those who are using cannabis for medicinal purposes, dosing capsules are a fantastic recent development. They also provide a huge benefit to those who might be a little more meticulous about their sessions. 

What are Dosing Capsules

Dosing Capsules are simply small canisters, usually made of metal or heat-resistant plastic that offer a mess-free way to load up and carry your material. They are usually about the size of your heating chamber, where you’d usually put your plant material. 

The primary benefit aside from having total control over your dosing, is that it keeps your vape nice and clean. Because the herb is held inside the dosing capsule and then placed directly in your vape, there is no contact between the herb and the walls of your vape.


A couple of things to keep in mind are that you should ideally get the dosing capsules produced by the same brand that makes your vape. This will reduce the chances of incompatibility between capsules and vapes. Also be aware that it will have a slight effect on the draw resistance of your vape. If your vape has very minimal resistance when you draw on it, then you may notice the difference when you use a dosing capsule.

Are Dosing Capsules Worth a Try?

Overall they are definitely something you should try if it sounds interesting to you. They allow you to pre pack your doses, so if you’re micro-dosing or have set times and amounts that you like to consume, these little accessories are a real game changer!

Water Pipe Adapters

The Bridge to Cooler Sessions

A water pipe adapter turns your herb vaporiser into a non-combusting bowl of your bong. They are quite simply a little adapter that allows you to join the mouthpiece of your vape to the down-stem of your bong/water pipe.

Water pipe adapters are constructed with the usual materials found throughout the industry; ceramic, glass, stainless steel, aluminium etc. 

By connecting your device to a water pipe, you’re in for cooler, smoother hits that are gentle on the throat. This is because when vapour is drawn through water, a number of things can be happening. Water can add moisture to the vapour which takes away the dryness some people can experience when vaping. Also, any particulates that may escape during the vaping process are trapped in the water, acting as a filter of sorts. 

It’s worth mentioning that passing vapour through water can have a very slight filtering effect on the active compounds in cannabis too. This effect is negligible and will not affect the potency of your herb with any significance. If a nice smooth, cool hit sounds appealing, definitely give this piece of kit a go. 

Chill Kiwi has an excellent glass adapter for the Fenix Pro, DynaVap and Xmax V3 Pro which pair up beautifully with any 14mm downstem.

If, on the other hand, you are 100% looking for absolutely maximal potency above all, maybe give this one a miss.

Water Bubbler

The Ultimate Upgrade for Your XMax V3 Pro

When it comes to elevating your XMax V3 Pro vaping sessions, the water bubbler that XMax produces for this device is a game changer. Designed to fit seamlessly with your XMax V3 Pro, the water bubbler gives you all of the benefits of a water pipe adapter, without having to worry about carrying two separate smoking/vaping apparatus. 

Why the Water Bubbler Makes a Difference

As we’ve seen with the water pipe adapter, the primary magic of this bubbler lies in its cooling effect. As vapour passes through the water chamber, it’s significantly cooled, resulting in hits that are smooth and gentle on your throat. 

This cooling action is perfect for those who find direct vapour a bit too harsh or for anyone looking to enjoy longer sessions without discomfort.

The design of the XMax V3 Pro Water Bubbler is well thought out too. It’s not only effective but also ergonomic, fitting comfortably in your hand. Filling and cleaning are straightforward procedures, making maintenance as stress-free as using it.

For the flavour enthusiasts, the water bubbler is definitely worth a try. It allows the true taste of your herbs to shine through, undiluted and unburned. The subtle notes and nuances of different strains are more discernible, making each vaping session a new experience than what you’re used to.

For an accessory made of glass, this bubbler is surprisingly durable and portable. It’s designed to withstand the rigours of regular use and can easily be taken on the go, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on quality, whether you’re at home or out and about.